Sunday, June 11, 2006

No way.

Here are two bits of information that I think will be of interest to various readers:

(1) In today's NYTimes, in a brief profile of William H. Macy, David Mamet reveals that he loved Crash, which was reviled by most if not all bloggers in this neighborhood, as it were. "I loved 'Crash,' " Mr. Mamet said of the Academy Award winner for best film during a recent phone interview from his office in Los Angeles. "I just adored it. A very important movie. The dark secret of America has always been and always will be race. It's a secret hard to be rational about because it's so much a part of our lives."

(2) Scritti Politti has a new album. "If you're a British new-wave pioneer who turns 51 next week, if you were once known for your obsession with Marxist and post-Marxist theory, if your career includes big hits (none bigger than "Perfect Way") and long silences — well, if all this were true, then you would be Green Gartside, the man behind Scritti Politti. It's hard to imagine how he could have made a better album than "White Bread Black Beer" (Rough Trade/Nonesuch), his beautiful and puzzling new CD, out now in Britain and next month in America."

Just passing the news along.

Okay, then! For the next week, I will be on the ocean or on the shore, living the high life. I'll come back with pictures and a full report.


  1. Mamet joins the list of the No-Longer-Relevant, along with Hartley and Egoyan. Does Mamet still write things? Who knew?

    I would love to hear a review of the new Scritti Politti once you hear it.

  2. Scritti Politti?! I think I'll preorder! I also hear that Paul Westerberg is going back to the Replacements. Can it be true?

  3. lis: Westerberg pretty much was the Replacements, so I think he is just reforming it around him so he can do some sort of horrific Def Lepard tour.


    Man I've become hyper-critical lately. I'm glad that hyper-critical nature wasn't around when the Pixies got back together.

    Scritti Politti! Woot!

  4. Pixies reunion tour was bullshit. They played "Wave of Mutilation" twice! (2 different versions). Very lazy.

  5. We've had this argument before, E.

  6. I see everything twice. I see everything twice.

  7. Yes including Wave of Mutlilation.

  8. here's the word on Westerberg and the Mats (in case anyone cares): new "best of" album with two new tracks--so a mini-reunion. I bought it, haven't listened to it yet, but will let you know. Can it be a best of album without "Date to Church"?

  9. No, it can't. I hate "best of" albums. Blah.



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