Friday, January 06, 2006

The staff of life.

Here, for your edification and delight, is a record of all the movies I saw in 2005, with comments. Seventy-four all told, which doesn't include the second (and even third) times I saw certain films.


  1. Wow, what a long, positive list! I'd say my faves this year were I Heart Huckabees, Peter Pan (English live action), Dig!, Team America, Garden State, Born into Brothels, Batman Begins...quite a lot of light fare...(I didn't see many films at all and some of these may have been from 2003, actually). Didn't see Syriana or Munich or March of the Penguins or the Mysterious Skin but I'm sure I would have enjoyed them. I saw History of Violence on the plane and enjoyed it very much, but hated Cronenberg's previous film Spider w/ Ralph Fiennes. Must confess that I adore Cronenberg's Crash but couldn't make it ten minutes into the multiplot LA Crash that came out last year.

  2. New year's res #1: write brief summaries of the films I see (I've been writing on 3x5 cards--so passe--but I've lost my motivation)

    I think I enjoyed Crash and Melinda, Melinda more than you. I'm interested in the History of violence.

    Speaking of 2005 movies, I watched Sin City last night; not so sure I'm glad I watched it as I had reoccuring images of dead women's heads and pedophiles. I loved the stylized dark city, the bars, the shadows, the in-color prostitutes, and Marv's large mug. Still, I was left feeling a bit dirty, a bit worse for the wear, kind of like after Pulp Fiction.

  3. ok, I'm frightened--if you aren't blogging then who is? if you are too busy then who will get on all of us to keep blogging?



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