Sunday, January 29, 2006

Slow + blog = slog.

Weekend accomplishments:
  • desultory replies to student e-mails
  • cried at two movies; posted reviews of same
  • fretted over late hours of teenage son
  • took many naps
  • tried new oatmeal cookie recipe (into which I added a little cardamom and some roasted cacao nibs--btw, "nibs" makes these cookies sound vaguely naughty, don't you think?)
  • went to used CD store where teenage son and I found lots of treasure (Ben Folds stuff for him, new Cat Power release for me)
  • took B to the dog park twice

Holing up, evidently, till spring.


  1. Hi Lisa, I was reading your movie reviews and just want to say that I appreciate the reference to the underappreciated (and hilarious) "Tailor of Panama."

  2. the cookies sound divine. feel free to put any extras in my box.

  3. by the way, where are your reviews?

  4. Movie Reviews at

  5. Cookies, movies, dog walking. An excellent meeting. Of course, I expect to see cookies at the next 5 year plan meeting.



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