Friday, January 13, 2006


The house is all but empty--my daughter and granddaughter have gone back to Scotland, my college daughter is back in Logan. My son, the youngest, is still here, but will go back to his dad's on the weekend. So mostly it's quiet, leaving us all to our thoughts. The Christmas tree is still up, by the way. My goal is to have it down no later than Valentine's day.

Last night I found myself watching a round of television, most of which was unworthy of my time. At the same time, I was loading a bunch of cds onto ITunes, mostly because my son has been doing it in preparation for the IPod he intends to buy with the money he makes from his new job at the movie theater. He's been loading a bunch of my cds (NIN, anyone? I'm not sure I want my 17 year old listening to that, but it's too late). Now I'm going to load any of his I find interesting. Plus, it happens that the cd collections of a bunch of people come in and out of my house to find their way into the ITunes of my son. I might as well take advantage of that.

During the TV-watching, cd-loading process, here are some other things I did: spoke to two of my daughters and one of my sons on the phone; took my youngest over to his dad's to pick up a car; added three students to a section of English 2010; answered some e-mail; made popcorn and a Diet Coke; looked over my style notebook. The result was that I really enjoyed only a little of any of these activities.

My computer is a little hesitant--balky--as I'm loading the cds and blogging and e-mailing and so on. I feel it is trying to tell me something.


  1. well, I listed to a lot of NIN as a 17-year-old and I turned out reasonably well.

  2. When my brother Nels was in the Peace Corps in central Africa, there was an American woman stationed with him who called him "Nine Inch Nels." I don't think he was familiar with Nine Inch Nails at the time, so he probably interpreted this joke as astonishing forwardness.

    NIN is way better than all of the fake anger bands out now...I think those encourage a frat boy style mad-at-the-world thing whereas NIN appeals to the broody almost-Goth in us.

    And musically Trent Reznor is far superior, of course (although I don't know what he's doing now).

  3. I had a student who went to a recent NIN concert here and said they were amazing. Reznor has sobered and buffed up. I think I've heard their new single, but the fact that I have to think to remember it means, I think, that it's forgettable, unlike earlier ones which were indelible.



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