Friday, February 07, 2014

Teeny tiny letters.

Dear next to the last packet of really good instant oatmeal,

Thanks for being there in the cupboard. Thanks for being amenable to additions such as currants and chopped almonds. Thanks for being the very signifier of the best way to start the day. Thanks for taking just two and a half minutes, and being, thus, super convenient.

I'm sorry if this sounds like a commercial, but this morning, I really really loved you.

I'm saying LOVE,


Dear Fresh Donut & Deli,

When, a few months ago, my friend told me the story of your doughnuts, I listened, but on the inside I was more,  right, sure, but really, aren't doughnuts just doughnuts? and therefore good? Except for the Seven Eleven ones, which are an insult not only to doughnuts but to the entire category of fried dough. That caveat aside: aren't doughnuts just good? All of them? But I was wrong. Because you, Fresh Donut & Deli, are, as advertised, fresh, and more, you are tender and light and perfectly sweet, and you made my whole office smell so good for a whole hour before the doughnuts were to be eaten as refreshments for a thing.

I wanted to, but I didn't eat one before the appointed hour--before the refreshments for the thing. Because I have self-discipline. But you definitely made it a horse race.

Mmmmm doughnuts,


Well, Friday,

You certainly took your time getting here.

Ah, hell, come on in. Let's go watch TV.

I love you no matter what,


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