Friday, October 11, 2013

Dear rejected topics I thought about writing a letter to:

Dear smug, bloviating bastards,

Dear where shall I park downtown,

Dear I want to buy all the stuff,

Dear potato chips,

Dear Saturday with a work obligation,

Dear week with no respite in it,

Dear farmer's market in its penultimate week,

Dear national parks that are not open,

Dear smug, bloviating bastards (I feel the urge to write this letter every other minute!),

Dear mid-semester pile-on,

Dear all the topics above, and more,

Perhaps I will take you up another day. But right now I do not want to summon the wit, words, wizardry, and (it's not a "w" word, but it's the only one that will do) rage to write you. It is Friday night and I am tired. Maybe tomorrow and maybe never, is when I might take one or another of you up. Now, I am retiring.

I said good night,


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