Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dear gray wet day,

First, I'm glad I moved into my new office, because I have now lay hands upon not one but two umbrellas that had retired to lonely corners of my old one.

Secondly, sweaters. They are good.

Thirdly, in a window, even gray light is light. This is my big revelation for October: light! It's good!

Fourth, Thursday makes a gray day a happy day. Because of its proximity to Friday and all.

Fifthly, it seems important to note that a brief respite in the rain made a perfect opportunity to dash over to the place where they sell the apple turnovers. And buy one. So I could, you know, eat it.

Sixthly, any work day that begins with breakfast with Ann, has conversations with loads of friends and associates, and ends with a meeting in my (gray) light-filled office is a pretty good day (especially with the unscheduled apple turnover just making an appearance with no warning).

Seventhly, a faux fur blanket, which anchors the heat-seeking strategy so essential to October television watching. (see also: the historian and Bruiser, also essential.)

Eighth, checking things off and getting things done.

Ninth, I sure do miss my absent children.

And tenth: the flowers look a little defeated and I turned the heat on in the car coming home, but I had leftover chili from last night and some sharp tasting arugula and bags of Asian pears from the Asian pear guy at the market. So you're all right, gray wet day. You're all right.

Chin up,


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  1. Why do I like the "grey" spelling so much better than "gray"? Is it pretentious or just British?



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