Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two stone circles and a castle.

We drove around Aberdeenshire today in search of two stone circles. We found both, tucked back in working farms. Because we had a hard time finding the second, we stopped at a nearby castle.


Let me just add that the words "nearby castle" still thrill me quite a bit. Okay, a lot. As do the words "Bronze Age," which apply to the second, harder-to-find stone circle, the standing stone one, with sheep going their sheep-y way the next field over.

At Sunhoney Farm.

Stone fence to the left, barbed wire to the right.
Just set back in a grove of trees.
This is a tiny family chapel at Drum Castle.
Looking through the window to see the stained glass from the inside.
The sheep are all, "standing stone circle, nbd."



  1. See that's what I was thinking--what do sheep know anyway?

  2. Seriously, sheep are dumb. Thank goodness for the thrill of a nearby castle!

  3. Is it wrong to be with the sheep on this one? Maybe I'm just feeling stateside-bound.

  4. I feel different about sheep now that I was surrounded by thousands of them on a dreary hillside in northern England last summer. I no longer feel guilty when I eat them.



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