Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Two stone circles and a castle.

We drove around Aberdeenshire today in search of two stone circles. We found both, tucked back in working farms. Because we had a hard time finding the second, we stopped at a nearby castle.


Let me just add that the words "nearby castle" still thrill me quite a bit. Okay, a lot. As do the words "Bronze Age," which apply to the second, harder-to-find stone circle, the standing stone one, with sheep going their sheep-y way the next field over.

At Sunhoney Farm.

Stone fence to the left, barbed wire to the right.
Just set back in a grove of trees.
This is a tiny family chapel at Drum Castle.
Looking through the window to see the stained glass from the inside.
The sheep are all, "standing stone circle, nbd."



radagast said...

Stupid sheep.

gilian said...

See that's what I was thinking--what do sheep know anyway?

Stephanie said...

Seriously, sheep are dumb. Thank goodness for the thrill of a nearby castle!

Nik said...

Is it wrong to be with the sheep on this one? Maybe I'm just feeling stateside-bound.

Ann said...

I feel different about sheep now that I was surrounded by thousands of them on a dreary hillside in northern England last summer. I no longer feel guilty when I eat them.


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