Thursday, September 08, 2011

My so-called TV life.

What's that?--you want to know what I watch, week to week, on television? I thought so. Well, I am happy to oblige.

I feel like I'm maybe the only person in the world who still watches TV, as opposed to watching television shows via the internet, and likes it. This makes me feel a little like an old person, but the habit of regular TV watching can be explained: I believe it is due (a) to having come of age when watching TV was your only option, as there was no interweb, and (b) to liking the rhythm of a week being paced, in part, by the show that's on each night, if there is one. (I can feel your horror radiating all the way over here, through the tubes and onto my screen, because of how much TV you surmise I must watch. Well, horror away. I do watch that much TV. And I like it.)

So this means that, if the world is good, there's a show on most nights of the week that I like to watch. This is especially important for week nights. The world is most in balance if I can get through my working day on a Monday, for instance, and there's an episode of The Closer awaiting me at its appointed hour. That episode redeems whatever drudgery or difficulty or simply the long hours of the day that preceded it. On Tuesday, The Good Wife; on Wednesday, Modern Family; and on Thursday, the glory that is the NBC lineup, but especially Parks & Recreation. And 30 Rock.

Well, I have just named the television shows that are my mainstays at the moment. Like every other thinking person, I am awaiting the new season of Mad Men. I have several little DVD things lined up, because I either didn't have HBO, or I wasn't able to finish the series in real time (The Wire/In Treatment and Saving Grace, respectively). And I am about to go into mourning because The Closer is winding up its current stint, which will lead us inexorably into its very last episodes ever.

This summer, I started to watch Criminal Minds with my daughter, who is a huge fan of the show. I myself love a police procedural, and I came to appreciate the show. I am looking forward to the new season, which I will have to DVR so I can watch it later, as it is up against Modern Family, and the historian and I watch that one together. The DVR is hooked up to the downstairs TV. Currently, running son is residing in the downstairs lair, so it's possible that there may be a whole slew of Criminal Minds for me to watch sometime, when I don't feel I will be intruding on the whole lair-ness happening down there. Who can say.

I would like to have a bunch of new awesome shows to watch. I wish I had started Breaking Bad when it started. Ditto Men of a Certain Age and other stuff, like House. I guess. I guess I should have watched Downton Abbey, so maybe I'll try to catch up on the first season before new episodes start.

But I need to get this whole project organized. The television routine is part of what keeps everything else in its proper place, and I need that, the people. I need it, or everything else, and I, will feel crazy. Or maybe I might have to, what? do something else, like something productive. Write, or read.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. I will be checking out a few things in the new season. And if you have something you think I should watch, something that's still broadcasting in the real world, in real time--on television, and not on my DVR--please let me know. I will consider it an act of generosity, and a kindness, which I shall never forget.

(thanks to Amelia, who pointed out this post on every day I write the book)


  1. love. it.
    And you are welcome.

  2. I used to sniff haughtily at television watching. Now I have 500 channels. 472 of which are garbage, superflous, or, worse, have the words "Tyler Perry," "Kardashian," or "Jersey" somewhere in the title. I'm hooked on most of the shows you mention, LFB, as you know from my live FB updates. But why, pray, do I watch Ice Road Truckers? Why British Car Gear? Gillmore Girls reruns? Bob Ross? Yes, yes, past PBS-only self, I hear thy haughty sniffing. I am duly chagrined. Nothing that an hour of Conan won't cure.

  3. I too am addicted to shows & to watching many of them on TV, but there are too many and I don't have all the channels. So I can say I am dedicated to watching shows on TV, but I accept that I can't watch all of them. And I also like watching all of a show on DVD in a mad rush, though I did NONE of that this summer. And why not? Boo.
    Can't. Wait. For: Modern Family, Glee, Parks & Rec, 30 Rock. So! Excited!

  4. If you get yourself some of the Showtime, you can watch The Big C and Weeds. And Dexter and Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara. Although they are all either ending the season or starting up a new season. I can't keep it all straight, just glad when any of them are on. And over on the BBC, we've recently discovered Top Gear, which is a lot like watching three 8-year-old British boys who get to drive stuff fast. Highly entertaining and I think you'd enjoy it since I know you enjoy having the boys in the lair.

  5. This is such an awesome post. Yes. I USED THE WORD AWESOME AGAIN, although my friend Dawn tells me I'm only allowed to use it in connection with a) childbirth and b) the Grand Canyon.

    I also loved reading everyone's comments.

    Also, you are not the only person who watches TV in real time. I do. It gives me something to look forward to in the winter when otherwise I feel like putting my head in an oven. I know. TMI.

    Try the British police show LUTHER. Awesome. (Sorry, Dawn.)

  6. I am watching reruns of Modern Family and How I Met Your Mother. Oh the hard times that are early September.



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