Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear my uninspiring lunch,

Is it you or is it me?

Thanks for keeping me alive, I guess.


TAGS: ungrateful


  1. It's the lunch. Also, we need a good Thai food place on campus. That would solve so many problems. Also better coffee.

  2. Definitely the lunch. Someday I would like to see a Collected Letters of the HighTouch. Only you can make a pb&j in a brown bag a small symbolon of everyone's late September life.

    And why is it that your word verification is always so much more interesting than anyone else? It was "caring" and then when I clicked back to tell you so, switched to "profyine" which seems so apt.

  3. What Middlebrow and Emma J said. Blame the lunch.

    (And yes to a collection of letters.)

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