Monday, September 05, 2011

Cooking & cleaning.

Well, mostly cooking. With a little laundry and dish-washing on the side.

In the cooking department, though, in a grand flourish, commensurate with the great wealth of fruits and vegetables at the market of late, I:
  • roasted some squashes, some just on the verge of being not quite good anymore, along with some garlic, onions, and peppers;
  • steamed some yellow beans;
  • roasted some green beans with olive oil and garlic;
  • made some corn salad;
  • made some caprese salad;
  • made a quinoa salad with some beautiful Rancho Gordo beans, and various herbs, greens, etc.;
  • and roasted some potatoes, to eat as they are in their olive-oil-and-garlicked state, or with leftover harissa.
And what did I learn from this cooking extravaganza? Some things:
  • you need a vat of olive oil when you start a cooking extravaganza.
  • having already-made food in your refrigerator, the result of a cooking extravaganza? A truly excellent state of affairs.
  • we buy a lot of food at the farmer's market, and it takes a detailed logistical plan to eat it all.
For instance, I have a giant bag of basil in my refrigerator right now. (Me, to farmer: Is that whole bag for sale, for real? Lady Farmer: The Pesto Bag? Yep. Man Farmer: We call that "the pesto bag," because that's about how much we use when we make pesto. Me: Gimme that.) I'm going to make pesto out of it. But I need to get on that right away, and after my cooking extravaganza, I might not have quite enough olive oil up in here.

I would also very much like to make, or at least have, a pie--and I have got the peaches, blackberries, and blueberries to do something pretty spectacular in neighborhood of pie. But I need to make pie crust, and you know--logistics. What I mean by this is, I wish there were already a pie crust made. But what with having extravaganza'd around in my kitchen for hours, my desire to make a pie crust is kind of diminished, from my formerly ambitious state. Can't have everything, I guess. Although, having now whined for awhile about this, I feel strangely in the mood to actually make a pie crust. Check back for further information on this very important topic!

(I should add to the "cleaning" portion of this post that I also cleaned out some sad greens and herbs and a handful of leftovers and whatnot from the refrigerator. So now the fruits of my cooking extravaganza labors fit in there. Barely.)


  1. Oh, I hope there was pie. Tell me there was pie. Pie = Good. Even vicarious pie.

  2. I am now in the mood to make pesto. I wish I had a bag of fresh basil in my fridge!

  3. I'm with Radagast.

    Yay for the cooking. And here's a secret: I often resort to using that Pillsbury pie dough roll thing. It tastes good and people think my crust is awesomely homemade. Which I allow them to think, obviously.

  4. You are in every way amazing. And your cooking extravaganza is mouthwatering to contemplate - even like right now immediately after a perfectly adequate dinner.



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