Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Something new.

just like a print essay, a video essay is a way to explore an idea, but with sound and image adding dimension.

A few resources--

Peter Thompson, "The Cinematic Essay: the Cine What?"
Claudia Gorbman, "Places and Play in Agnes Varda's Cinecriture"
Jonathan Dawson, on "Letter to Jane"
Ze Frank (the video that gets cut off at the end is here)


  1. See, this, this reminds me again why I wish I'd been your student.

    Or as my word verification says: holyali

  2. So many things make me happy here: your new banner, your live voice, the hope that this means you will be posting more video meditations?

    Have you seen Maya Deren's short films? Probably not cinessays as they are silent and depend on image rather than words. But you've got me thinking of them now.



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