Thursday, October 07, 2010


For the past several weeks, my work e-mail has been warning me that I am approaching a limit. True to my character, I waited until I was over the limit and therefore prevented from receiving and sending e-mail. Then, I deleted just until I was let back in the sending/receiving fold. A few days later--sometimes just a few hours later--I was back on the warning list.

Yesterday evening, I spent a good hour deleting e-mail. I had cause to reflect upon ephemera: the little notes we send each other, the small witticisms, the evidence of a friendship. Farewell, little notes. Adieu, small witticism. Evidences of my friendships, go with God.


Yesterday, a text book editor stopped by the Writing Center. He had some leftover sandwiches from a meeting and offered one. Packaged with the sandwiches were cake doughnuts.

I fell on the sandwich as did the Assyrian, who came down like a wolf on the fold. The doughnut I left in its paper sleeve, tucked into my bag, for who knew when I might need it?

Today. That's when I needed that doughnut, whilst reading drafts. It was delicious.


I am reading drafts. Not online: actual drafts, printed on paper. The students who forgot their hard copies in class, who sent them to me via e-mail? I printed them out. Die, trees! Reading drafts in hard copy, writing in the margins, is so choice. Should you have the means to do so, I highly recommend it.


  1. I'm reading my food book on actual paper right now. What a difference it makes. Or, what I difference I hope it makes. At least Zoe can use the back side to draw pictures of rocketships. She draws a lot. Thank goodness.

  2. Your voice. Your voice your voice your voice. It refreshes. AND WOW!!! Your header!! Couldn't be more stunning.

  3. I delete emails all the time! I love me a clean inbox. I also love putting sweet notes, reminders, and funny correspondences. I'm torn.

  4. Love this small eulogy for e-chat.



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