Friday, October 08, 2010

Another way of understanding the role of television in my life.

Over dinner:

Me: (enumerating the television shows of my youth) . . . and Hawaii Five-O, and Taxi. And Cheers.

The historian: Of course, when you were watching a lot of those shows, you were a kid, and I wasn't.

Me: . . . right . . .

The historian: . . . but then, we really didn't watch much TV . . .

Me: (rolls eyes)

The historian: because we were in grad school, and so there just wasn't time.

Me: I'm not sure if that's actually true . . .

The historian: well, it didn't seem like there was time.

Me: (pauses to reflect) . . . of course, you actually finished your Ph.D.

The historian: (tactful silence. Eats quesadilla.)


  1. When you write things like this, I can hear the two of you saying them, and it never fails to make me smile.

  2. I'm sure if I'd watched a little less TV I would have been a contender. But then I would have missed Taxi. And Cheers. And all those important hours of MASH. I'm pretty sure seeing each episode 27 times has made me a more complex person. Or at least someone who can sing the whole MASH song. With words.

  3. Awesome. Just reminded me that when we talk tomorrow we must talk about my latest tv obsession. Am I your daughter or what?

  4. I love a man who knows when to eat a quesadilla. Well played, Historian.

  5. Your conversations sound so sane and admirably cozy and ordinary. I like reading them.

  6. tv/ phd? I am currently having that debate with myself every day.



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