Thursday, August 19, 2010

Slow morning: a meditation.

Who wakes up in the morning raring to go, greeting the day with verve and snap? Not me, that's who. Not.

No, I am the person who stays up till all hours with verve and snap. Which means that when morning rolls around, I crack an eye and tell it to go to hell, I need a little more sleep.

There was a time when I woke up to swim each morning. Verve, snap, swimming suit, which sounds so improbable I wonder if I am making it up. But no, I'm pretty sure I threw myself in the swimming pool at the Kearns Rec Center and swam a mile most mornings.

Evidently, I can, for a compelling reason, reset and wake up, etc. Swimming is good because you don't have to say anything--your face is in the water. It's kind of like sleeping, in that very little is required of you in the way of social interaction.

Where are the lap swims of yesteryear?

Now, I get up--later--and dawdle over the paper, the internet, breakfast. Then I take the dog for a walk. Then I get a shower and it's, whoa, ten a.m. Ready to greet the day!

I would like the rest of the productive world to align itself with my protracted interim period--that buffer between stumbling out of bed and being ready to roll. Or, if not align, at least allow: I get a lot done in this world, the people. I just don't get it done early.


  1. The days I get it together and leave the house before 10 are rare indeed although the 8-10 hours are productive in there own way. And anyway, there are whole days I don't leave the house at all!

  2. I am not a morning person either! I too finally hit the shower and am ready for the day around 10 am. I wonder all the time how I managed to leave the house every morning by 7:45 am when I was teaching because now I don't allow myself to get out of bed before 8:00. It's glorious.

  3. I can vouch. You swam miles. And you wrote a poem with the phrase "Unloop the loops" about the act of swimming. Or at least I think you did. And it has stayed with me lo these thousands of years.



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