Saturday, August 07, 2010

Here and there.

When I was in Idaho, I spent some time rather virtuously preparing for my return home. I wanted to
  • clean out my refrigerator, replace its burnt out light bulb, wash out everything
  • wash the fronts of my cupboards
  • buy a new mop
  • other assorted Cleanliness Brigade activities.
None of which I have done. Instead I have
  • nagged my son to do his laundry already
  • spent some time on the internets
  • pondered how much stuff there is to do and how very few days I have to do it in
  • hmm, what have I done?
  • seen three movies.
But tomorrow, I am going to make apricot jam. JAM. I bought the apricots today, oh boy, and tomorrow the Jammery begins. There may also be cherry preserves, who can say? Because they were still selling cherries today at the farmer's market.

Also, today I began reading the entries to a literary contest. [Insert gnashing of teeth.] I didn't so much agree to do this as fail to say no, and then whoops! There's a box of literary entries on my porch! With judging sheets attached to each and every poem! And horizontal lines for me to write comments! Come to think of it, it's kind of like GRADING. Gosh. And there are approximately 115 poems. I read nine of them and wrote supportive comments and then I had to take a break. So in and around the jam making tomorrow, I think there may be some judging. Judge not that you be not judged--is that what I hear you telling me? Then don't send 115 poems to me in a box with judging sheets--that's just asking for it.

TAGS: jam, judging, Biblical injunctions


  1. OK. Two questions. How do you get enough apricots to make jam? Do you just ask at the farmer's market for some in bulk?
    And, the second isn't a question. You are a judge of poetry I would trust the most.

  2. I want to know how to do the jammery. Also, our neighbors have an apricot tree that drops prodigious amounts of apricots into our yard, which we then have to throw in the garbage.
    Next year I will get the preemptive ladder and pick them before the dropping. Then maybe you can come over and instruct me in the jammery?

  3. I'll happily pick up a loaf of bread at great harvest and fire up my toaster if you want to stop by with some of the jammery.



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