Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dazed and confused.

I happen to be at exactly that portion of the semester where my mind has not fully grasped, as it were, my schedule.

My schedule: wily, slippery, shape-shifting.
My mind: a big slow lummox.

My schedule: like one of those spooky disappearing kids on Lost.
My mind: doing one of those super-obvious double takes upon seeing the spooky kid: "Wha--whaaaaa?!?"

My schedule: a frisky weasel.
My mind: a turtle that wants to eat some weasel for dinner, but will never, ever catch up.

Well, tomorrow's Monday. I have a meeting and a meeting, but before the meeting I have to pick up a book from the office, then scan a couple of chapters for a student. And leave it somewhere he can find it. Also, e-mail ten thousand documents to ten thousand people. Also, don't forget about my meeting and my meeting.

Also, teach online.

I hope I can remember all that--it'd be a lot cooler if I did.

tags: ready or not


  1. Lisa, it's your birthday!
    Happy Birthday, Lisa!

  2. Oh my. And a birthday too.

    This schedule is definitely not birthday friendly.

    But I hope you had more than a little fun!!! on your birthday.

  3. Don't give the turtle a hard time. I'm faster than him and I'll never get that weasel.

  4. my schedule: you are a multi-tasking, super-efficient-getting things done kinda worker. Go!

    my mind: oh look--a cloud and some moving water . . .

    Happy belated B-day Lisa B.



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