Friday, July 13, 2007

Seattle is good.

1. Excellent food all over town.
2. Neighborhoods that are really neighborhoods, with idiosyncratic character that isn't trumped up or manufactured (Fremont, Wallingford, Madrona).
3. Water everywhere, and the light reflecting off of it.
4. Lots of nice people everywhere you go.
5. Excellent independent bookstores (Elliott Bay bookstore and Left Bank, for instance)
6. One of only two poetry-only bookstores in the U.S.--Open Books, with an immaculate and well-curated collection. I spent a lot of money there.
7. I happen to believe that some very good music of all sorts has come out of this region.

Also, and however, driving in Seattle is a nightmare. It's all fine and good to say you don't need to drive, but you do need to drive when you don't live there. I defy anyone to tell me that it's not a nightmare. I defy you!

Even so:

Dinner by the water at Lake Union.

Hydrangeas in the historian's daughter's backyard.

By Lake Washington (at sunset).

Up next: Mendocino. Right now we're at a Travelodge in Grant's Pass. With wireless. There's a softball tournament in town, and lots of teenagers with long socks on. Hope you're having a good summer, too.


  1. we are in seattle right now too--well Edmonds at the moment--in a B&B with theme rooms. Ours is "Americana" which is very crafty (or as Will says, "kountry kraft") and patriotic. We keep breaking into patriotic songs. We don't have a nice view.

  2. "neighborhoods that are really neighborhoods" I pine for such a thing, we all pine for idiosyncratic character, too bad I live in Layton


  3. Seattle had the bad/great idea of being surrounded by water. Good for beauty, bad for traffic. It's hard not to long for the Pacific NW but I appreciate that you reminded me of the one (I'm sure there's in the Sound? That can't be good. Or can it?) bad thing about the fine states.
    Do come visit the midwest. We would love to see you and we'd show you there's lots of nice water here! And no traffic! And, some neighborhoods...of a sort. It IS the Northwest (of Detroit).

  4. I love to eat in Seattle. and drink. My favorite restaurant (because my friend lived near by) is
    and the 14 Carrot Cafe.
    I hope you ate at one or both. I also loved Cafe Seipteme (spelled wrong, I'm sure) and Counter Intelligence at the market.
    You don't have to tell me how much Seattle traffic sucks. I used to have to go out because no one could find a parking space near my house. And this was a long, long time ago. When we went back in 1999, we couldn't find parking then either. It sucked. It made us glad we no longer lived there. And I didn't have a car when I lived there, so I loved it.
    Let's hear it for public transportation!! And eating!!



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