Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Projects: a progress report.

Project #1: The House.

Definition of problem: the downstairs has dun-colored carpet, wood-product paneling, weird-shaped rooms, and insufficient outlets. Also, teenagers regard the downstairs as their lair. Also, the dogs sleep down there. Also, the Wii resides there. Also, my vacuum cleaner has been out of commission for awhile now.

Solutions (enacted so far): Get on consumerreports.com, pay for a month's worth of consumer info, find out that the best vacuum cleaner in America for the money is made by Sears. Hightail it up to the Sears and buy said vacuum cleaner. Assemble it in the garage. Vacuum. Harangue young people who live in the basement ("lair") about getting their stuff out of the public spaces and into their rooms, about figuring out what to give away and what to keep, and about keeping their damn stuff out of the upstairs living room. Also harangue them about cleaning the bathrooms. Vacuum some more. Arrange for carpet cleaning guy to come.

Still to come: call a sheetrock guy to see if we can resolve the horrible paneling decor issue. Consider building in a wall of bookshelves. Imagine that peace, order, and harmony will arise from the execution of these plans.

Other projects:
  • the Write Every Day project;
  • the Go Outside and Get In Shape project;
  • the Stay as Cool as Possible project;
  • the Make the Perfect Iced Tea project;
  • the Have the Best Vacation Ever project;
  • the I Am Really Getting Old project;
  • the Finally Make a Movie project; and
  • the Get Ready for School project.

There has been progress, progress which is, in fact, as we speak, being made, on most of these projects. Not enough on some of them, of course. Today is the last day of July--there should be a sound effect that goes with it that embodies sadness, anxiety, and dread. Tomorrow: August 1. The sad, anxious, dreadful little countdown begins.


  1. I hope you're not making _too_ much progress on the Preparing for School Project.
    I agree that July should make a noise as it dies: maybe the sound of one bell clanging.

  2. As of this moment, Dr. Write and Middlebrow are in

    --the tame Gus project
    --get Son to sleep project
    --drink just one more beer project

  3. today I had a buying a love seat and getting it home project which was far more monumental than I expected it to be. which just meant that I had less time to do all of my other projects. this time of year always makes me grumpy because I have to assess all of the projects.

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