Saturday, October 28, 2006

Saturday morning after the market's over, but not really.

This morning, we got up when it was light, which is about 8 a.m. Why isn't 8 a.m. the standard time to get up, by the way? It's a good time, especially for a night owl such as myself. Running son had to go to "Attendance School" this a.m. for a half an hour. He had three tardies in his volleyball class, which meant he missed the First Roll Call. He explained that for each tardy over two, you have to attend "Attendance School" to "make up the learning." We all savored the irony of this. (By "savoring irony" over Saturday morning breakfast, I am doing my bit for Running son's future literature teachers.)

He should be back any minute now. After that, we're headed off to the Avenues to buy local produce from Chad, a hilarious combo of entrepreneur and small-scale farmer. (Actually, I think this descriptor is apt for all small-scale farmers--my CSA farmer is definitely more crunchy than Chad, but at heart, he's just trying to get everyone to accede to the superior quality of his garlic.) At the regular farmer's market, Chad sets out coolers and laundry baskets full of various types of produce, with hand-lettered paper signs that say things like "Chad's No Smoosh Heirloom Tomatoes, $3/lb." or (also regarding the tomatoes, "Delicate! Handle like Glass!") or "Exotic! New Salad Green, Sorrel, $2/bag." He's a young guy, and apparently he keeps going during the winter because he has a greenhouse or something like that.

I paid $10 (an offer only available to the first 25 sign-ups) to get an advance e-mail that would allow me to put in an order, which Chad will set aside. I replied immediatement--did I ever want some of the last of the basil and tomatoes. Also, I ordered a bag of broccolini ("LIMITED one bag per customer per order!") and several types of greens, including Italian Red Dandelion greens, which I will try ("a very spicy green, for salads or light cooking LIMITED, so order fast $2.25/bag").

It's a new adventure, and I'm looking forward to it. Chad is a local treasure.


  1. i'm heading over to chad's winter stand in 5 minutes. he has parsnips--the root veg you have to harvest AFTER the frost, he was so kind to let us know. i may also get some eggs

  2. uh, that was really me, lis--just on will's computer.

  3. I miss chad! I'll be back at Christmas! Save me some brocolini chad!
    I'm still on his email list--I love the request to park at the Pagoda. Who goes to the Pagoda even after 4? I know some do but????

  4. Where is Chad's? I want to know Chad. Someone, tell me!

  5. lynn, he's at the avenues bakery--saturday mornings after 10:30ish.



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