Monday, May 08, 2006

Hello, is anyone else awake?

The insomnia fairy has come to visit tonight/this morning. Despite my having all but finished my grading, I have piles of things yet to do before taking off for the U.K., including doing the actual writing, as opposed to the evidence gathering and the talking about, of the paper my colleague and I will deliver at the Open University. Is that what's keeping me awake? Perhaps?

Also, I haven't decided what clothes to take to the U.K., nor am I sure how to get from Gatwick Airport to Milton Keynes. Never mind, this can all be sorted out tomorrow. Tomorrow will, however, go a lot better if I sleep tonight.

Here are some pictures of what's been going on around the megastore in the last week or so.

I fetched my daughter from the intellectual environs of Utah State University.

We had a family dinner with children and grandchildren.

Bruiser's enigma and allure persisted.

Teen Boy Squad came to chill.

Bruiser and Betty arrived at detente.


  1. Does waking up early count as insomnia? Sometimes I kind of miss insomnia.

  2. Can one be a lucid insomniac? This seems ideal to me...although it is my understanding that insomniacs just shuffle around in a brain-dead state.



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