Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Back in the USA, or: The Wireless Situation Is All Fouled Up.

No pictures yet, as my wireless apparently decided to take a vacation to tropical parts, and hasn't yet returned to play its part in the vivid mental picture I have of my summer. When I get it back up, there will be pictures of the U.K. trip. Oh yes: there will be pictures.

However, I would like to report that although my sleep patterns are still a little unsettled, I had a perfectly peaceful, calm day yesterday in which I

1. bought groceries
2. watched the season finale of The Gilmore Girls, which I missed during my travels (agenda item for today: season finale of The O.C.)
3. bought sandwiches for the kids at Subway
4. did the dishes
5. made tabbouleh with lots of mint, as well as hummus that I added parsley to, making it a rather lurid shade of green, but otherwise delicious
6. began working my way through the stack of enjoyable mail and leftover parts of the Sunday Times (news flash! best American novel of the last 25 years is Beloved, but a runner-up is my personal favorite, Underworld)
7. watched parts of the Mavs/Spurs game and the Suns/Clippers game.

All in all, a satisfying day.

Today, there's more to do, but I can do it in the peace of my little summer kingdom. One thing I intend to do is shuffle piles of books and other reading material around so that I can begin the reading queue. Also, move other stuff around so that I can establish a foothold of my study, which I think will be a key location in the summer kingdom. If I can establish a foothold.


  1. I wish they had published a list of any book that received a vote in that "best fiction" thing they did. I want to know, for example, who William T. Vollman voted for. I bet it wasn't _Beloved_. But I did love _Underworld_ partly because of its chaotic messiness.

  2. Welcome back! I love sorting through homecoming mail. We just got back from the less foreign (more?) Grand Rapids and I found a couple of gems in the post. Yeah! And yeah to Dr. Write & chaotic messiness! A theme for mail and for novels of note.



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