Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It Lives! and It's a Pure Adrenaline Rush!

A., I have my computer back. You'll be glad to know that my data is "backed up," to coin a phrase.

B., After a soul-sucking afternoon spent in strategic planning meetings, I participated in these redemptive activities:
  • Took Bruiser to the dog park. In the post-daylight savings time, he ran around like there was no tomorrow for running, in the gloaming.
  • Made arugula pesto for dinner, plus really good bread, plus a really good salad.
  • Watched the Jazz play. In a conversation with Middlebrow today, I took his view under advisement, that view being that, despite the hopeful preseason rhetoric, the Jazz would be a sub-fifty percent team and this season would be bad. Well, we shall see. Say what you will, Deron Williams looked beautiful tonight, Mehmet Okur looked like a genius, we got a few desperate prayer shots that went in! Plus, Ostertag didn't look like a total lummox, or at least, he was a lummox that could block shots. Plus, even the players that are prone to disappoint had good moments amidst the usual chaos. All I know is, plenty of people were pretty happy around my house. And, it turns out that Bruiser is a basketball fan, as well. A Jazz fan.


  1. The strategic planning was soul-sucking. I'm glad I had an excuse to get out of there early.

  2. No one wanted me to strategically plan anything.


    If they don't kill his spirit, Williams will be the Jazz in 2 years. I predict above 500 ball and a first round play off loss.

  3. Congratulations on your computer. Order has been restored to the kingdom.

  4. Glad to hear about the computer.

    Of course, you can have your computer work or you can have a successful Jazz team. You can't have both. It's simply impossible to have both.

  5. My strategic plan is to avoid the Jazz early on so that if they are semi-successful and then suck, I will have spent less time getting optimistic which should allow for less pain on the way down. How's that for pessimistic?

    Plus it's dangerous for the soul to be a BYU football and Jazz fan during the same time period--college football will be over by the new year.



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