Sunday, November 13, 2005

Indicators: The Weekend.

Basketball games watched: 0
Movies attended: 2 (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang; New York Doll)
Number of chilies in my papaya salad at Thai Delight: 1
People eating dinner at my house on Sunday: 11
Number of dogs attending the dinner: 2
Items of clothing purchased: 0
Kitchen implements purchased: 1 (ice cream maker)
Hours lingered over the Sunday New York Times: 2.5
Pots of chocolate tea consumed at the Beehive Tearoom: 1
Episodes of Family Guy watched (with my son): 1
Rows knitted: 5
Student portfolios read (so far): 5

One of the best things that happened to me this weekend was an extremely realistic dream in which Bruiser could talk. What he said: "My name is Bruiser." I woke up laughing, which is a very good feeling. I highly recommend it.


  1. the ice cream maker was a very good choice. everyone should have one of those.

  2. I didn't comment on the last post, because it sort of broke my heart, and reinforced that I am not, in fact, prepared to relive the heartaches of youth. I know that I am fated to live life as "insert sport here" Mom, but I hope Son is as gifted as his father, and that the tears and vomiting will be brought on by injuries of the external variety (I didn't think I would ever choose that!).

    I too applaud the purchase of the ice cream maker (as long as it makes sorbet too!) and let me just reiterate how jealous MB and I are of your chance to see so many movies. Are you just catching up for all those years you didn't see any? I look forward to it!



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