Saturday, May 14, 2005

Small Survey. Movie Update.

First, the survey: what are the coolest features on websites that you've ever seen?

This weekend, I saw three movies. Forthwith, my notes.

Crash. Dir. by Paul Haggis, writer of Million Dollar Baby. Can you guess? It has a dark world view. Set in L.A., focused on race. Some reviews I've read suggest that the race-saturated social world the movie describes is overstated, but to them, I say, you've never talked to many conservative white folks in L.A., then. I thought the movie was worth seeing, if flawed. Some very good performances, but nearly all of them felt a little too elliptical--truncated--as if someone was trying for spare, but did too much editing and ended up with scrawny. It had a Magnolia-like structure, but it didn't unfold the relationships with as much density as in that film.

Kicking and Screaming. Anyone who says I'm undiscriminating (a) may be right, and (b) so what? This movie addresses fills many categories that I tend to like: sports movie, Will Ferrell movie, kids sports movie, soccer movie. It made me laugh. For anyone who cares, Mike Ditka is hi-larious--all the scenes with him are worth seeing. Plus, I saw it with my sixteen-year-old son, so how bad could that be? We both agreed that it was a satisfactory movie-going experience.

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. If you've already read the book, you probably don't need to go. But it helped me put the big picture together. Rather disturbing if you give it more than about two seconds' thought.

Beautiful weekend, no? Mowed the lawn for the first time (implying that I did it would be a lie, however). The purple iris are about to bloom, the Scottish broom is flowering like crazy. Time to scout out some tomato plants.


  1. I like websites that have photos that are portals (i.e. "enter") and cool graphics (all things that I don't know how to do. . .)
    Did you like "Million Dollar Baby"? I haven't seen it, but have heard mixed things. I don't know what to think.
    Can't wait to see "Kicking and Screaming" especially since Middlebrow had that brief stint as the soccer coach. If only we'd had Ditka on our side.
    I did, in fact, mow the backyard with our push mower. My hands hurt so bad from gripping the handle that I vow to never do it again. Never!

  2. I did like Million Dollar Baby, and thought it was terrific, but it was almost unbearably sad, even knowing everything you know going in. I think you should see it. I also was pleased to see it for Hilary Swank's performance, which outdid my expectations. I thought it was just wonderful. And I love the old guys--Clint e. and Morgan F.

    Yes, and wasn't Son's soccer team called the Tigers? Because that's what this little team is called.

  3. What! No more mowing?

  4. I'll just show you:

    yes it is Jeff Bridges of Big Lebowski fame. I don't know how he does the site.

    I too planted a tomato this weekend.

  5. I just checked out the site--it is way cool. Thanks for the tip!



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