Monday, May 09, 2005

Big F***ing (Male) Rock Star

Robert Plant has a new recording out--I heard some bits of it on NPR, All Things Considered, today, and it sounds damn good. This, from the girl who traded LZ IV to her brother for a copy of Teaser and the Firecat (LPs both, Cat Stevens for anyone too young to know the latter recording).

I remember reading some excerpts from Hammer of the Gods, was it?--the profile of the Zep written sometime in the early 80s, I think. Like everyone else in the world, I have been drawn to the, whaddyacallit, daimonic, dark male thing about rock and roll. (By the way, there's a piece in the current Rolling Stone about Motley Crue [sorry about the missing umlauts], sort of a poor man's Zep--you could do a declension, couldn't you? from the Zep to Aerosmith to MC, with maybe a sordid detour into GnR, plus a bunch of other hair metallique bands. Anyway, with regard to the Crue, it's the same set of hotel/bus/groupie stories, except with less talent, as Zeppelin. Sickening, says feminist Yoda.)

So how did I find myself in the position of (a) reacquiring a copy of IV (there will be another post on this topic of reacquiring the music of my youth, coming soon), and (b) thinking about acquiring a copy of this new CD? Robert Plant has appeared in several publications recently, doing the requisite PR, and he sounds alternately idiotic (reliving the glory days, which seem at least a little pathetic, to me at least) and poetic (he talks about his early days in Zeppelin, when his voice was just one sound competing with others; he says he supposes that back then, when he sang, he "took the hammer to the pearl"). He also talks about the writing of songs as being a kind of theater.

Am I the only one who plays this push me/pull you game with new music? Who needs another raw-edged, whiskey-soaked, white man's blues band? And who can resist one? Faced with an at least semi-reconstructed Robert Plant, I found myself at least a little fascinated. Sue me.


  1. Led Zeppelin reminds me of my old college roomate Kevin. He had it all. I had to learn to like it or go insane.

    I am also reminded of a visit my University of Utah English 2010 class took to the library. Alfred Mowdood the instructional librarian played the Lemon Song as my students conducted their online inquiries. It was one of my favorite moments at the U.

  2. He did a live set/interview on my favorite radio show today...I missed it, but here's the link to stream it:

    If that doesn't work, just go to and you can probably hunt around and find the broadcast.



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