Monday, May 02, 2005

My own radio station.

Probably like some of you, I read an article in the NYTimes yesterday about a 14-year-old girl, Zoe, who has her own internet radio program, once a week for an hour on Saturdays ( It's pretty cool. Since she's only 14, she knows the new stuff, but also stuff that her parents played, so she featured the Ramones, for instance--"Beat on the Brat."

So, if you were going to start your very own internet radio show, what would you call it? What would be the first five songs on your playlist?

Trying to come up with a title for the show at the moment seems too daunting. But I would play these songs to start:

  • Jane's Addiction, "Jane Says"
  • Bob Dylan, "Buckets of Rain"
  • Prince, "Let's Pretend We're Married
  • U2, "Love is Blindness"
  • Stevie Wonder, "He's Mistra Know-it-all"
  • Leon Russell, "Tightwire"
  • Suzanne Vega, "Widow's Walk"
  • Pretenders, "Show Me"
  • Pink Floyd, "Shine On, You Crazy Diamond"
  • Persuasions "I Could Never Love Another"
  • Shawn Colvin's cover of the Beatles' "I'll Be Back Again" (technically not possible, as I don't believe she's ever recorded it--I heard her do it in concert)
Not necessarily in that order.


  1. I actually had a radio show with my friend Alison at KUGS at WWU in Bellingham. It was called "The Broadcast." Our anthem was "Sisters are Doing it for Themselves" and "We are Family" (the version by L7). That said, I would also play, always, Talking Heads "Life During Wartime"; Shawn Colvin's version of TH's "Naive Melody"; Aimee Mann "Lost in Space" ; Elliot Smith, "Waltz #2"; Kate Rusby's version of "My Home Town"; John Prine, "Paradise"; U2, "With or Without You". And, um, ani difranco "imperfectly". All old, as I am, myself.

  2. Funny: a friend I was wandering around the valley with this very weekend said I should have a radio show called "Saturday Morning Hangover with Clint." I kind of liked the idea and my theme song would be "Streams of Whiskey" by the Pogues.

  3. Sad but true,
    Would love to have my own radio show called White Girl Funk and play all my favorite R&B, soul, funk, blues, etc. Would be laughed off the face of the planet, I am sure, but would still be cool.

  4. My show is called "The Big Do-Over" and consists only of worthy covers.

    1. The Tom Jones/Cardigans version of Talking Heads' "Burning Down the House"
    2. The Cardigans version of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man"
    3. Duran Duran's version of Grandmaster Flash's "Whtie Lines"
    4. Camper Van Beethoven's version of Status Quo's "Pictures of Matchstick Men"
    5. Christopher O'Riley's solo piano version of Radiohead's "Paranoid Android"
    6. Fiona Apple's version of the Beatles' "Across the Universe"
    7. Aimee Mann's version of Harry Nielsen's "One (Is the Loneliest Number)"
    8. Johnny Cash's version of U2's "One"
    9. Beck's version of Mississippi John Hurt's "Stagolee"
    10. Frank Black's version of the Beach Boys' "Hang on to Your Ego"

  5. Do you know Brad Mehldau's cover of a Radiohead song (the title of which escapes me at the moment)? It's on a recent recording.

  6. You know, this is also excellent. Mehldau also did a version of "Paranoid Android" (produced by Jon Brion of PT Anderson/Aimee Mann/Fiona Apple fame). I was thinking of the spastic Christopher O'Reilly version of "Everything in its Right Place." O'Relly also does a weirdly serene version of "Paranoid Android" but I think the Mehldau version is even better.



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