Thursday, September 08, 2016

Other careers I am considering, because my current career is currently stressing me out.

  1. Baker. Or maybe, actually,
  2. Patissiere.
  3. Stay at home grandmother.
  4. Writer of bon mots.
  5. Poet with a benefactor of mysterious origins.
  6. Owner of a scallion pancake food truck.
  7. Mystic.
  8. Power napper.
  9. Mystery shopper.
  10. Pundit.
  11. Professional organizer. Because if I didn't have my current job, I would have time to be organized. Professionally.


  1. I vote for all of these, but especially the bon mots part.

  2. My heart is with #11 but my stomach votes for #6.

  3. My list is
    1- mysterious benefactor of dubious origin - close enough for me.
    2- hippy wizard - that's the same as mystic, or close enough for me



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