Thursday, February 25, 2016

Working on getting ready to get ready to work on my manuscript.

That's what spring break is for.

Thus far:

all the words in my manuscript, minus acknowledgements, Table of Contents, epigraph, title. 

As it turns out, I use a lot of similes. Apparently.

In other news, I wore this yesterday:

Outfit of the Day, Monochrome Division.

This was a successful outfit, in my opinion, in that the hem of the jacket and the hem of the dress rhymed, structurally, in their flippiness, and also the polka dots of the scarf added whimsy.

Today, I wore a bright yellow sweater that I had to go look for in my Auxiliary Sweater Box (TM) because I have too many sweaters to actually keep track of, apparently. I also pulled out one of my favorite spring scarves. That's because today was light filled and glorious. It was peerless. It felt like spring.

It is not yet spring (I keep telling myself before I start going barelegged out into the still-winter). But it felt like it today. It feels like it.

In other other news: yesterday I had a quick afternoon respite with two granddaughters while their mom went to the dentist. It also was glorious and peerless:

A photo posted by Lisa Bickmore (@megastore) on

A photo posted by Lisa Bickmore (@megastore) on

And tomorrow is Publication Studies, where we'll talk to our chapbook contest winner and start to develop the ideas for the plan that will turn that manuscript into a book. Just twenty two minutes until it's Friday. Things are looking up.


  1. Seriously. You have nice legs. Good outfit, HTMS. In other news, I'd like to report that I'm still not a robot. So I'm gonna check that box right now. Like a boss.

  2. How old are you? I must admit you are too fit in old age. Loved the photos of the kids, they look so cute, thank you for sharing this blog with us and keep posting more such stuff



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