Monday, November 24, 2014

In which I write another post for this blog, for no apparent reason.

Five good things:

1. Chinese takeout, just waiting to be dinner.
2. A cold walk on a brilliant afternoon.
3. Possibly the best socks ever.
4. The proximity of no more grading for a week. Almost there!
5. Such good movies on the horizon.

Oh, okay. A few more:

6. Thanksgiving is just around the corner!
7. Ergo, pie!
8. My LSU daughter is just about to graduate!
9. Ergo, beignets! in New Orleans!
10. Yesterday, I wrote a poem. For no good reason!

Let's see if I can blog again tomorrow for no apparent reason.


oldbruin said...

I hope so...
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Amelia said...

New blogging! I love it.

radagast said...

You blog so that I might have joy. Reason enough, right?

Stephanie said...

Happy blog and happy pie day, with happy thoughts of no more grading . . . for at least a little while!


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