Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Top five favorite things at this very moment.

1. there are two kinds of bread at our house.
2. the movie Take Shelter.
3. that there is a French detective novel waiting for me to read it.
4. that Friday is just a couple of days away.
5. my bed my bed my bed.

(plus the top one: each and every one of my beautiful children is alive and well and on this planet.)


  1. What a fantastic Top 5 +1!

  2. I'm alive too! Love the pictures of everybody, next time make sure to get all five of my chins in mine. Not just the first three. ;)

  3. I am almost done with _An Uncertain Place_. Adamsberg is my current literary crush. Swoon. Capcha: seduc, which I think is French for "sexily quirky."

  4. Aw. Lovely. As always, HTMS, you inspire.

  5. mother. that is a HORRENDOUS picture of me, but yes, I am alive! :)
    next time, steal a pic from FB k? haha loved the pictures of everyone else though!



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