Sunday, November 06, 2011


This is a quince.

From this photo, you can deduce that the quince is fuzzy, but you probably you cannot tell that it is hard. Like unto a rock, albeit a rock with a lovely perfume.

I found this out when I embarked on a quince tart today for my writing group. Luckily, I had my chef's knife* back, from when I left it at the cabin in, like, July. I hewed the hard fruit into quarters, after having washed its fuzz away, then cutting it into lovely slices, which I then cooked for awhile in a maple/butter caramel sauce**. The thing about a quince is, you have to cook it to make it edible.

After bathing the quince slices in caramel, I arranged them in a pretty-ish concentric pattern in the fancy tart dough. I lightly poured a little of the caramel over the quince and put it in the oven to bake, whereupon I went to work a little more on my poem, whereafter I kind of forgot about the quince tart.

It baked a little past the point I would have likely taken it out had I not forgotten about it--maybe five to seven minutes longer--but that all turned out for the good: the quince turned pinkish, which it is supposed to do; the crust was perfectly crisp and buttery; the whole thing smelled divine. I whipped some cream with vanilla and a little sugar, and served it up, and it was about the prettiest and most delicious thing ever divined by persons with an interest in tarts, such as myself.

This is a quince tart, half-eaten:

*Here is the trajectory of my chef's knife this summer and beyond:
  1. it drove with us from Salt Lake to Idaho, where we used it to make all kind of dinner and deliciousness.
  2. we left it in the knife drawer. Perhaps others used it, who can say?
  3. we came back up to Idaho and left it in the knife drawer again.
  4. I asked my mom and dad to bring it back with them when they close the cabin for the winter. Which they did.
  5. awhile later, I went down to Utah County for a visit and a birthday pedicure. I developed a quick-release cold, so the sneezing &c. therefrom prevented me from remembering to take home my knife.
  6. my sister brought the knife up to me when we had breakfast, but I left it in my daughter's car when she dropped me off.
  7. FINALLY on Halloween, I retrieved the knife and brought it safely home,
where I could use it to make quince tart.

**--ingredients of the maple/butter caramel sauce: maple syrup and butter.


  1. Argh. I missed out. And can you please tell me: do you GROW said quince? Because I'm crazy about them, and would be happy to assist you by relieving your tree of its excesses...

  2. First, may I say that your new header is STUNNING. Well-played, HTMS. And I enjoyed devouring the quince tart, vicariously-speaking.



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