Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another way to waste my precious time.

Middlebrow taught me how to check the searches that lead people to my blog, and I thought you'd be glad to know that
  • awesome kung fu moves
  • greatest kung fu signature
  • "the simpsons" "keep your mouth shut"

all were searches on google that got people to my site. I'm still mulling over the significance of this. Perhaps, though, as this book I'm reading says, Everything is Miscellaneous, and there is in fact "power in the new digital disorder." Kung Fu Power.

In other news, I'm about halfway through half of my portfolios. And, I healed my internet at home by the laying on of hands, otherwise known as rebooting the modem and router (rebooting is just one of my awesome kung fu moves).


  1. I will now come to you with all of my kung fu questions and concerns.

  2. Another way to find you is to google "Touch the store of mega." Just fyi.



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