Monday, February 20, 2006

What we did to celebrate the American Presidents (a photo essay).

Flew into San Jose and drove to Santa Cruz in our snappy rental.

Looked at this view from just outside our room.

Observed scenic dogs.

Observed other scenic dogs.

Closely observed scenic mineral life.

When capitalism dreams, it dreams of this (Pebble Beach golf course).

And this (large, fancy house with beachfront view).

The historian follows his bliss, despite above-mentioned capitalism dreams.

Damn if we didn't all feel the love.


  1. hey. I feel the love too. Congratulations. I need a vacation that involves a beach. soon.

  2. Very nice. So the scenic dogs just kind of appear as snappy rental type dogs for vacationeers?

  3. Nice pictures! I love this part of the country.



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