Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My itinerary.

Soon I will be traveling like nobody's business.

March 8-12 Austin, TX AWP (attending just for the hell of it)

March 22-25 Chicago, IL CCCC (presenting a paper I have not yet written)

May 11-12 Milton Keynes, UK Open University (presenting another paper I
have not yet written)

June 12-15 Pacific Ocean Cruise with sibs to celebrate parents' 50th

Also considering attending the Nebraska Writers Conference June 22 or something like that--possibly have a manuscript consultation with Mark Doty? Is it worth the time away? Is it worth the $$$?

When I proposed traveling to all these conferences, it seemed like a really good idea. Now I feel balky and whiny about it. Time away from the historian who, if truth be told, is the best person in the world to spend time with. Time away from the last remaining child who lives at home, aka my son, who will probably be playing soccer and whose games I will likely be missing. Time away from my college daughter who will be home for the summer during the last two trips. Time away from Bruiser, the most soulful and supportive of the furry kind. Time away from my own bed, my own cooking, blah blah blah. Worst of all, time away from home this summer when I could be establishing and maintaining the precious and elusive routine.

I intend to pick up many, many useful and inspiring ideas from the conferences, and I intend to do myself and my colleagues proud with my paper presentations (which, though unwritten, are/will be brilliant). I intend to buy pocketsful of milagros in Austin and have many broadening experiences. I intend to network my ass off. I intend to add a wing onto my UK trip that will involve seeing my granddaughter and her mom and dad, and perhaps the Shetland Islands. And I will try really hard not to be a big homesick baby--and that's the one thing on this list of intentions I can't guarantee.


  1. I hope you can find time in Austin to have dinner with us (Friday?) or to chase Denis Johnson around. or whomever. I'm not picky. Or at least have a drink and do some gawking in the hotel bar. I've become a real connesieur (?) of the hotel bar. and the dirty martini.

  2. All of this sounds excellent. We must rendez-vous in Austin for gawking, etc.

  3. I love that you have two papers not yet written. I'm looking forward to Chicago but wish that I was cool enough to go to Austin. I think I have to publish a basketball poem or essay before I can go to AWP.

  4. I might go to Austin some time before my friends leave there.



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