Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Small Gathering of Small Thoughts

Things I've recently learned.

1. How to knit. I used to know this when I was a girl. A few years ago, on a trip with my best friend, we bought very interesting yarn and some knitting needles to make smashing scarves out of, but I found that, while I still remembered how to cast on, I did not remember how to knit. So I bought a book. An illustrative explanation and photo put me back on the knitting path.

2. Bruiser thinks that bamboo knitting needles are a delicious snack.

Addenda to Best Movies of the Year So Far list:

Best Claymation film: Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. How do characters made out of clay seem to be so light on their feet? Witness Victor Quartermain as he challenges Wallace to a fight.

Best Small Film: Forty Shades of Blue. I thought this film was terrific. It features Rip Torn (anyone ever see him in Songwriter? That's a gem and a half of a small film.), Darren Burrows, Ed from Northern Exposure, who has turned into a very handsome man (from a very pretty boy), and a melancholy atmosphere. It won the Sundance Grand Jury Prize, and predictably, our local reviewer was sniffy about it. Ignore him. This is a wonderful film.

Small improvements to my life:

I now have three pairs of reading glasses, prompted by an unfortunate glasses misplacement episode last week. One pair for home, one pair for work, one pair for my purse. Bonus: the ones in my purse have pink frames.


  1. Wallace and Grommit was great. Dr. Write and I took Son to see it last week. I thought Anthony Lane's review of it in the New Yorker was interesting, as well. He puts Wallace and Grommit in the tradition of Chaplin and Buster Keaton.

    Congrats on the new glasses.

  2. I think we need another Santa Cruz trip, a yarn odyssey, a search for the Holy Bamboo Needle. And yes, this trip should involve the clapping of coconuts, or some such silliness.

    By the way, I was disappointed to find out that the recent appearance of a book titled Music Lust on my independent bookseller's self was not authored by you. Like, what gives? You were made to write that book. Whatever.

    So, you must write Film Lust. Don't pause to think. Write.

    I'm serious.

    Your BF

  3. I'll put my thumbs up for W&G as well. Jokes for the whole family. I love the sexual innuendo. "He's never shown much interest in my produce." Ha! Also you must love the physical comedy. And the little bunnies.



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