Friday, September 09, 2005

Rolling Stone Update.

1. In the most recent Rolling Stone, the one with the actual Rolling Stones on the cover ("it's their best recording in 20 years!" except I'm pretty sure they said that about their last recording), there's a little piece on Burning Man, which pretty much confirms what signifyingnothing had to say about it. Now I really will have to invent my own festival with francesca.

2. What's the best grave you've ever visited? There's a little piece, also in RS, about rock star graves. You know, Jim Morrison, the Strawberry Fields memorial for John Lennon, Johnny Ramone, Lisa "Left-Eye" Lopes. Karl Marx's grave is in Highgate Cemetery, which, come to think of it, I personally didn't visit--my husband did. But I've seen a picture.

3. Here's a question they only ask you if you're a rock star: "In what bar have you written the most songs?" Or, at least, no one has ever asked me this question.

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  1. the best grave I ever visited was William Blake's--in Bunn Hill Fields in London. The thing that made it so amazing was that I wasn't expecting it. I was on a walking tour and we stopped by the graveyard, and there it was. And it made me cry. I think because I was young and just experiencing the world, and comprehending the breadth of the future. So having this encounter with the past (and literary at that) was affecting.



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