Sunday, September 11, 2005

Dream Renewed.

The Bruiser Meditations is now a go-picture. Because of the great generosity of my son's friend David B., who sold me his old e-Mac because he wanted a newer, more powerful computer (newer, more powerful, younger, prettier . . . when does it stop?) at a bargain price, I now have the means to turn my dream into reality. Which is, precisely, a video essay about the paragon of doghood (dog-liness? dog-itude? doggiosity?), Bruiser.

When I say I have the means, what I really mean is I have Final Cut Pro and a DVD burner. As I have gathered from the abbreviated demo Dave gave me, I have plenty to learn. I expect to premiere this film (I'm aiming for a 3-minute piece) sometime in the next year. Or maybe the next eighteen months. Stay posted.


  1. This is just great! I think we should start a communal video blog with the goal of putting something up every two weeks. If everyone puts up a tiny movie in rotation (and if the Luddite MB/DrW faction decides to particpate) then we'd get a new film every few days!

    i also think that cranking out a one-minute exercise every few weeks will be good practice for learning Final Cut, which is pretty intimidating at first (at least I was intimidated). You don't want to make the Bruiser Chronicles your Very First Project, if you know what I mean.

    You should talk to Sig about opening credit sequences. He is good at those.

  2. Yeah, I get that about the Bruiser movie not being the first thing. I thought I might take some footage and just make a go of it.

    I will ask Sig (this took me a moment or two to figure out, this Sig you spoke of) for his advice/help.

    It would be a dream into action, with apologies to Howard Jones, to make a one-minute movie every few weeks. I want to be the teeny Jonathan Demme.

  3. I tell you, I'm going to start Kino-Blog right away...once I have something to submit.

  4. Well I saw "Sig" and just thought of Sigmund the Seamonster.

    Be glad to help anyway I can. I pretty much do all my craptastic kino-ventures in iMovie.



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