Tuesday, June 07, 2005

From whence the blog?

I am in a policy meeting at my place of employment at the moment (sample of the discussion: "what is a 'mission-critical asset'?"). Is this wrong?

On another note, I'm glad that the Pistons emerged victorious. When the Suns lost, and it looked like the Heat might actually win last night's game, I had a sinking feeling. Now I can enjoy watching the finals, with Tim Duncan (my son-in-law refers to Duncan's "evil genius"), Manu Ginobli, Tony Parker, and so forth as the worthy opponent.


  1. The genius of Tim Duncan is his bank shot. That was my bread-and-butter shot in high school. It is the most under appreciated shot in b-ball.

  2. I can't make that shot anymore, even though I still take it. It always rims out short, every time. I'm trying to learn just to shoot it straight in, but instinct always takes over and I fire it in there, low and hard, Middlebrow-style, and never give the shot an actual chance.



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