Thursday, January 11, 2007


Mother and babies.

Evie in motion.

Miriam, with apple.


  1. A happy family to be sure.

  2. All three photos, all three people, are wonderful. But the first of the three photos, that of mother and children, takes my breath away in its composition, its narrative, its force. Sorry if this sounds over the top, but damn, what a capture.

  3. Of course the kids are beautiful but what struck me was how much your daughter looks like you in that photo--just take a few years (very few!) of hard work and experience off and there you are.

  4. cute! adorable! I hope to hear more stories about child swearing soon.

  5. Oh Lisa, Evie is beautiful! And so is Miriam! I am sad that I didn't get to see her and Mom Amelia when they came down last christmas (was it two christmases ago?)

    Thank you for your positive comments about my poetry. I think it is quite obvious that I value your opinion over most.



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