Saturday, December 10, 2005

Handsome Boy Modeling School.

(Either that, or the band is called Teenage Fanclub. I always get the two mixed up.)

Below, see the birthday party of my son (the one at far right with the ski cap and mouth so full of pizza he can't manage a proper smile). He turns seventeen on Thursday. Happy Birthday to him. (also happy birthday to Middlebrow and Dr. Write!)

Party supplies:

1. two bags of Doritos
2. two 2-liter bottles of Coke Classic
3. bag of Skittles
4. bag of Starburst
5. microwave popcorn
6. Two pepperoni pizzas (Little Caesar's)
7. Two orders of Italian Cheese Bread (ICB, for non-cognoscenti; also from Little Caesar's)
8. Gameboy, Nintendo DS, computer games
9. Excitable teenage dog

The after-party:


  1. I can't imagine having a birthday party at my parent's house when I was seventeen. I certainly wouldn't let them take pictures of my friends and me. I'm amazed that families can function like this! Congratulations! From out here it seems very impressive to me, ideal almost. I was insolent and vandalizing and drinking like crazy and puking everywhere at that age (even before I discovered drugs).

    Are you still using a film camera and scanning these in?

  2. And they look so young! Is that what I looked like at that age? I thought I was so adult. In 1898 these would be adults! Fully formed men, how weird.

  3. I remember 17, but I don't think I remember it fully. I remember being angry, depressed, lonely, fatherless and utterly ashamed of my mother. I look at photographs of myself, however, and see no visible signs of that.

    I pull out notebooks from that time too and am in awe of how jaded and naive I was at the same time.



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